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Raise Your Expectations.

Experience exquisite cocktail catering in New York City.

Enjoy cocktails that are constantly refreshing and never too sweet. Immerse yourself in dry ice cocktails and vapor-filled bubbles. Forget about long lines. Our system allows us to serve you faster and better than any other cocktail caterers from the NYC area. Our smart-designed custom bar setup elements improve efficiency while enhancing aesthetics, and all these aspects work together to create an experience you must live to believe.

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Refined Bar Setups
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Fast Moving Line System
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NYC Mixologists

Cocktails Designed by the connoisseurs.

Discover flawlessly balanced cocktails that delight even the most discerning palates.

Sensuous bourbon sour
Sensuous Bourbon Sour
Lavender sour
Lavender Sour
Exotic dreams cocktail
Exotic Dreams
Evening paloma cocktail
The Evening Paloma
French memories cocktail
French Memories
Alchemiq old fashioned
Alchemiq Old Fashioned
Clear vision
Clear Vision
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Mixology An infusion of wonder.

Revamp your event with a captivating performance unfolding behind the bar. Be mesmerized by the display of dry ice cocktails. Personalize your experience with crystal-clear ice cubes bearing your logo. Embrace the joy of aromatic smoke bubbles. Immerse your guests in unforgettable sensory experiences that will forever linger in their memories. Witness, inhale, and savor the unmistakable essence of Alchemiq.

Dry Ice Cocktails

A camera-loving show that catches attention.

Crystal-Clear Ice

Crafted to perfection. Personalized for distinction.

Logo on Citrus Peels

An extraordinary touch of uniqueness.

Smoke Bubbles

Indulge in a joyful burst of playfulness.

Cocktail Smoking

Embrace unconventional brilliance.

100% Custom Cocktails

Custom-designed cocktail creations.
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Sophisticated Bars. Intelligent Systems.

Stirring up efficient cocktail catering.

Gone are the days of rubber mats and plastic soda bottles. With a strong emphasis on delivering a premium ambiance and maximizing service efficiency, we have scrutinized every aspect. From sophisticated stainless steel elements to stylish mixer bottles, Alchemiq bars redefine the standards of excellence among NYC cocktail catering scene.

Standard Bar Setup
Premium Bar Setup

Indulge in Our Cuisine

Explore the mouthwatering food options

Duck Breast Blinis
lobbster toast
hors d oeuvres catering nyc - brussels sprout crisp
seared filet mignon

Google Reviews

Everything they create, whether edible or drinkable, is simply perfect.
– Chenoa Johnson
My first call for anything cocktail related.
– Ally Friedman
Superb service!!! Amazing visual and tasteful displays!
– Kelly Gonsalves
Their craft cocktails were one of a kind and delicious, and we couldn’t get enough of the finger foods.
– Emil Mequita
We are immensely grateful for their contribution to our wedding and for making it an unforgettable experience
– Julianne Jones
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Google Reviews

Enthusiastic, professional, superb! Everything they create, whether edible or drinkable, is simply perfect.

– Chenoa Johnson

Igor is one of the most professional and talented individuals I have ever worked with. Igor is my first call for anything cocktail related. I could not recommend his services enough – 5 stars all around!

– Ally Friedman

Superb service!!! Amazing visual and tasteful displays!

– Kelly Gonsalves

I got a chance to experience ALCHEMIQ’s wonderful service first hand at this year’s ‘Spring Taste NYC’ event… Shortly after, my office booked them for a coworkers going away party, and everyone loved them.
Their craft cocktails were one of a kind and delicious, and we couldn’t get enough of the finger foods, the Salmon Crudo, and the Zucchini/Parmesan Lollipops were amazing. I would definitely recommend ALCHEMIQ for any event.

– Emil Mequita

From the very beginning of our wedding planning, we knew that the cocktails had to be extraordinary. We sought the best luxury mixologist for our bar experience and were fortunate enough to discover Igor and his company, Alchemiq.

Collaborative Partner and Creative Artist: Igor proved to be more than just a skilled mixologist; he was a collaborative partner who took the time to understand our palate’s preferences and desires. Through thoughtful conversations, he crafted custom cocktails that perfectly brought our vision to reality. His passion for mixology was evident in every drink he served.

Elevating the Bar to be First Among Equals: From the first cocktail to the last, our guests were elated by the exquisite flavours and presentation of Igor’s cocktails. His creations elevated the bar to an unparalleled level of sophistication, and his artistry was a showstopper.

Craftsmanship Second to None: Every detail mattered to Igor, and his craftsmanship was second to none. From the carefully selected glassware and barware to the intricately prepared garnishes and carefully balanced menu, he thoughtfully considered how every aspect worked together to enhance the overall experience, and the result was nothing short of incredible.

Delightful Pleasure to Work With: Igor was not only an impressive mixologist but also an absolute delight to work with. His warm and friendly demeanour made the entire experience enjoyable from beginning to end. He made sure to be present at the event, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and each drink was served flawlessly. His attention to detail and genuine concern for our and our guests’ experience truly set him apart as a standout professional.

Furthermore, Igor’s enthusiastic approach to being a part of our celebration was evident. He seamlessly collaborated with our wedding planner and other vendors, forming a unified team that reflected their dedication to delivering a memorable experience. His passion and energy were contagious, adding to the overall ambiance of our celebration. Working with Igor and his company Alchemiq was truly a pleasure.

We wholeheartedly recommend Alchemiq for its exceptional mixology services. We are immensely grateful for their contribution to our wedding and for making it an unforgettable experience for us and our guests.

– Julianne Jones

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Click on ‘Get a Quote’ and fill up the contact form, including relevant details of your event.


Expect a prompt follow up from our event coordinator who may ask you a few additional questions.


Receive our event proposal with a detailed breakdown of what you will get and how much it will cost.

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Stirring the conversation about cocktail catering.

What is included in your NYC cocktail catering service?


We are a comprehensive mixology and cocktail caterer that can meet the demands of any event. We can provide everything you need, from creative cocktails crafted by our NYC mixologists, to customized drink menus, to bar and glassware rental options. We have the highest standard by hiring only bartenders with mixology bar experience. This means you will enjoy authentic craft cocktails made by professional and knowledgeable bar staff.

Can you create customized signature cocktails?


Yes, we can! We love to create customized signature cocktails for your event. Our NYC mixologists can work with you to design a cocktail menu that reflects your theme, taste, and personality. Whether you want something classic, molecular, or exotic, we can craft it for you.

Do you offer non-alcoholic cocktails and mocktails on your cocktail catering menus?


Yes, we do! We have our creative mocktail menu listed on our mixology page. We can also customize them to suit your theme and preferences.