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Raise the Bar.

Endeavor top-tier mixology in NYC with the best-looking bars.

Immerse yourself in consistent and perfectly balanced cocktails, never too sweet. Experience dry ice cocktails and playful aromatic bubbles. Say goodbye to slow bartending service. Our sleek bars feature smart setups and systems that let us serve you quicker than any mixologist in New York. We redefine the boundaries of excellence, offering an experience that must be encountered to be believed.

Sleek bar setups graphic
Sleek Bar Setups
No bottlenecks systems graphic
No Bottlenecks System
Top NYC mixologists graphic
Top NYC Mixologists

Cocktails Crafted by the pros.

Explore perfectly balanced cocktails with combinations that please connoisseurs.

Sensuous bourbon sour
Sensuous Bourbon Sour
Lavender sour
Lavender Sour
Exotic dreams cocktail
Exotic Dreams
Evening paloma cocktail
The Evening Paloma
French memories cocktail
French Memories
Alchemiq old fashioned
Alchemiq Old Fashioned
Clear vision
Clear Vision
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Mixology The ultimate wow factor.

Transform your event with an artistry behind the bar. Marvel at the show of dry ice cocktails. Spot your logo on crystal-clear ice cubes or citrus peels. Cherish the playfulness of aromatic smoke bubbles. Give your guests sensory experiences they’ll never forget. See, smell, and taste the Alchemiq difference.

Dry Ice Chilling

A spectacle that catches eyes. And cameras.

Big Crystal Ice

The best ice on the planet. Now with your logo.

Aromatic Bubbles

Awaken your inner child with a playful pop.

Logo on Citrus Peels

A touch of originality that goes a long way.

Cocktail Smoking

The only time we think inside the box.

100% Custom Cocktails

Off-menu flavors tailored just for you.
Alchemiq gold logo

Sleek Bars with Smart Systems

Lightning-fast mixology magic.

The event bar setup has been totally revamped. You won’t see rubber mats or plastic soda bottles. Focusing on premium feel and service efficiency, every detail was evaluated. From stainless steel elements to sleek ice bin covers, Alchemiq bars are designed to look and perform like no other event bar in NYC.

Standard Bar Setup
Premium Bar Setup

Delight in Our Foods

Discover the tempting food offerings.

Duck Breast Blinis
lobbster toast
hors d oeuvres catering nyc - brussels sprout crisp
seared filet mignon

Google Reviews

Everyone was talking about how amazing the drinks were! They are true artists!
– Rosy Morel
They were extremely professional and the set up was lovely for an upscale retail event.
– Leine Kirkland
The team was super friendly. Top quality!
– K A
Could not be happier.
– Marc B
Everything they create, whether edible or drinkable, is simply perfect.
– Chenoa Johnson
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Google Reviews

Truly a one of a kind experience.  Igor helped us through each step of the process, in picking the right drinks for the theme and customizing it to us and what we enjoy drinking!  He was so responsive and had great recommendations. His cocktail mixers were delicious and the drinks were beautiful! It was an amazing party! Thanks to him and Claudio! They truly helped make it a great party and were a great hit! Everyone was talking about how amazing the drinks were! They are true artists! Can’t wait to book them for another event.  Thank you Igor for creating such an exceptional and special company, there isn’t another company out there like ALCHEMIQ Catering! Wish I took more pictures to share!

– Rosy Morel

We loved working with Igor, Bruno and the Alchemiq team. They were extremely professional and the set up was lovely for an upscale retail event. Bruno was even able to adjust his dress code so he looked on-brand for the event. We will be working with Alchemiq again for our events in NYC.

– Leine Kirkland

I attended an event catered by Alchemiq and was super impressed! Had to leave a review. The drinks and hors d’oeuvres were so good, the food station design really added to the overall ambiance, and the team was super friendly. Top quality!

– K A

Igor is at the top of his class when it comes catering and cocktails. The way he crafts each and every cocktail is impressive. He pays great attention to the small details in every dish and is very friendly and honest. Could not be happier.

– Marc B

Enthusiastic, professional, superb!  Everything they create, whether edible or drinkable, is simply perfect.

– Chenoa Johnson

How to Get Started


Click on ‘Get a Quote’ and fill up the contact form, including relevant details of your event.


Expect a prompt follow up from our event coordinator who may ask you a few additional questions.


Receive our event proposal with a detailed breakdown of what you will get and how much it will cost.

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Pouring knowledge: mixology FAQs clarified.

What is included in your NYC mixology services?


We are a full-service mixology and cocktail caterer that adapts to the needs of each and every event. We can offer virtually anything that is requested from us, including:

  • Bartenders with mixology bar experience who are skillful, knowledgeable, and friendly.
  • Authentic craft cocktails mixed by our NYC mixologists using fresh ingredients.
  • Personalized drink menus that match your theme and preferences.
  • Bar and glassware rental needs.
  • Specialty ice, premium garnishes, and linen-like napkins.

We pride ourselves in having the highest standard of quality for our mixology services. You will enjoy imaginative cocktails made by professionals who know how to wow your guests.

Can I hire a mixologist for an event in New York?


We do not provide mixologists as a separate, standalone service, because we believe that our custom cocktail catering offers the best experience for our clients. Our cocktail catering service includes not only our talented and professional mixologists, but also our creative cocktails, personalized menus, rental needs, and more. This way, we can ensure a complete and hassle-free mixology service that will impress your guests.

Does Alchemiq provide mixology services for events outside of New York?


Yes, we can provide mixology services for events outside of New York as part of our long-distance catering and bartending services. If you are interested in our mixology services for your event, please get in touch with us by clicking here.