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Extraordinary Molecular Mixology Cocktails For Simons Foundation

by Alchemiq Team
Mixologists behind a bar making cocktails
The road to the St. John The Divine Cathedral

The year of 2019 brought up multiple wonderful event opportunities. Brands like Montblanc, IWC, Ralph Lauren and CB2 were requesting events in both New York and Los Angeles. Everyone, the clients and the Alchemiq team, were all utmost satisfied with the incredible results.

The Simons Foundation must have noticed. The scientific community organization throws wonderful holiday events. In 2019 they hired Alchemiq to create science-inspired mixology bars for their 700-guest event at the St. John The Divine Cathedral.

The venue was magical. Beautifully designed event lighting transformed the cathedral into the most spectacular event space. The lights were dim. There was a main bar serving a classic selection and two Alchemiq bars offering a unique mixology experience. With lights interestingly highlighting the mixology action, the bars looked very enticing. 

Spectacular mixology experience

New York City mixologists were making molecular spheres in calcium chloride aquariums right at their bar stations. The spheres were used to garnish the signature Christmas Spritz with Mionetto Prosecco, Meyer lemon elixir, gentian and rose tincture.

The mixologists also used vast amounts of dry ice. The cocktail that received the super cold treatment with a spectacular “smoke” show was Lavender Sour with Tito’s vodka, organic lavender and lemon juice.

For the “last touch” the bars were decorated with illuminated ice blocks, fruits and herbs. The bars were not only a place for cocktails – the guests realized it was a great photo opp spot! Eventually, everyone was there to experience the innovative bars and the cocktails.

The event was truly spectacular. And the unique celebration left the Simons Foundation and every guest on the list with a whole new appreciation for “holiday spirits.”

Photos by Joseph Andrade – Instagram

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