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A company Christmas party checklist

by Alchemiq Team
New Years Corporate Christmas Party

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After 12 months, 250 days, 2,087 hours, 125,220 minutes, and 7513200 seconds of grinding and burning candles to deliver a job well done, It’s only natural for employers to help their workers let out some steam. And what better way to do that than by hosting a fun-filled holiday party? Nonetheless, with hosting a holiday party comes a lot of planning and coordination. To do perfect planning for your next holiday party, we’ve developed a checklist on how to throw a company Christmas party.

NYE-Celebration: Christmas Party

Checklist for your Company’s Christmas Party

Christmas Party Checklist helps you stay productive in the completion of tasks required. When you list out and organize the tasks needed to be carried out towards a particular event, it helps you prioritize how to spend your time, and check them off one by one, so no important task falls through. Let’s examine a suitable one that helps you stay on cue with holiday party planning.

Type of Event 

The first thing you’d want to do before planning anything is to determine the type of party your company’s going to have to close for the year. Most companies organize luncheons or evening Christmas parties. The type of party selected determines the time and day you decide on. Luncheon parties are mostly during the week. While evening parties are the best fit for Saturday evenings, in addition, they tend to be costlier than luncheons.

Set a Time and Date 

After deciding on the type of party. It is ideal to set a time and date for it. When is the party going to happen? Most organizations set the date for holiday parties before the Christmas holiday. Mostly around the second and third weeks of December. Holiday parties are less common during the first week of December.

Prepare The guest list 

Creating a guest list is another task to check off your list. Having decided on the type of holiday party you want to have, you should go ahead and decide if employees can come with their families or not.

Pick a Venue and Caterer 

Picking a venue and a great caterer is the next step of action. There’s no good party without a venue and food. Employing the best nyc caterers  and cocktail caterers for some cocktail magic would be the highlight of your company’s Christmas party. Go for the best and hire only safe catering services

Two mixologists behind the bar on company christmas party

Send out IVs 

Having put the above in order, you should send invitation cards a few weeks in advance. This will allow your guests to plan ahead. Time is a precious thing when it comes to companies and businesses.

Decide on the Theme of the Party

Every party has a theme. Decide on a theme that best suits the company and also encapsulates the Christmas spirit.

Incorporate Award sessions  

Christmas holiday parties are ideal moments to appreciate your staff. By that token, you must give awards to celebrate the impressive successes of your staff, as this further encourages hard work.

On a final note, holiday parties are events you want to start planning for even at the beginning of the year, even before you start checking off your list. And by planning, we mean adding the party’s expenses to the company’s yearly budget. The fact is, all of these tasks on the checklist can only really be “checked” with appropriate budgeting.

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