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Mixology Set – What Tools Does a Bartender Need?

by Alchemiq Team
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Have you ever wondered how bartenders create these delicious cocktails with such finesse? Well, it’s not just about their skills, but also the tools they use! Bartending tools are like magic wands in the hands of mixologists, helping them prepare the perfect drinks every time. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the essential bartending tools and how they’re used to shake, stir, and pour your favorite drinks.

Must-Have Bartender Tools – List

Familiarize yourself with the key tools found in a mixology set. 


A shaker is a fundamental tool for mixing ingredients. Shakers come in various styles, including the classic Cobbler and Boston shaker. A cobbler shaker is a three-piece cocktail shaker with a built-in strainer, while a Boston shaker is a two-piece shaker consisting of a metal tumbler and a mixing glass.


A strainer is used to separate liquid from ice or solid ingredients. It is essential when using a Boston shaker. The Hawthorne strainer, featuring a perforated metal disk with a coiled spring, is the most common type.


Harness the flavors of fresh herbs, fruits, and spices with a muddler. This tool, with its long handle and often textured end, is ideal for crushing ingredients when using mixology sets.


Precision is critical when measuring liquid ingredients, and the jigger ensures accuracy with its two differently-sized cups. This tool is indispensable for achieving balanced cocktails.

Other Bartending Accessories

Additional accessories like a bar spoon, garnishing tongs, ice pick, or speed pour can enhance your cocktail-making experience and allow for efficient work, great presentations, and proper technique. These bartending tools can make a big difference, so it’s worth investing in quality accessories if you’re serious about mixology. Moreover, they add elegance and professionalism to your bar set. If you’re ready to up your mixology game and invest in the right tools, read on to find out where to buy mixology kits and start improving your cocktail-making skills today.

Essential Techniques When Using Mixology Set

Now that you’re familiar with the tools, let’s explore some basic techniques often performed when using mixology sets.

Shaking vs. Stirring

Know when to shake and when to stir for optimal flavor and texture. Shaking aerates and emulsifies ingredients, perfect for drinks with fruit juices or dairy. Stirring mixes ingredients without introducing excess air or dilution, ideal for clear spirits or liqueurs.


Ensure a smooth and well-mixed beverage using a Hawthorne strainer for shaken or stirred cocktails or a fine-mesh strainer for drinks requiring extra filtration.


Release vibrant flavors by gently pressing and twisting fresh ingredients with a muddler, infusing your cocktails with aromatic notes.

Measuring With Your Mixology Tool

Achieve consistency and balance in your cocktails by mastering precise measurements with a jigger. You fill the appropriate side with the desired liquid ingredient and pour it into the cocktail shaker or mixing glass to use it. One side typically measures 1 ounce while the other measures 2 ounces.


Create visually stunning cocktails by pouring liquids of varying densities to achieve distinct layers. Master the technique by using a bar spoon to slow down the flow of each liquid.

Where to Buy Bartender Tools?

When you are ready to invest, the key is to find quality products.

When it comes to buying mixology sets, there are several options. You can find mixology sets at general home goods stores, department stores, and even some supermarkets; however, often, those are low-quality products. We recommend specialty stores such as Cocktail Kingdom that sell high-quality mixology sets. Online marketplaces such as Amazon offer a wide range of mixology sets at different price points. So, where to buy mixology sets? No matter where you shop, read reviews and talk to experienced mixologists to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Mastering the art of mixology is a rewarding journey that requires dedication and practice. By understanding your mixology set and mastering essential techniques, you will become a confident and skilled bartender capable of crafting exceptional cocktails. Cheers to your mixology adventure!

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How do I choose the right mixology set for my needs?


When choosing a mixology set, consider the quality of the tools, your budget, and where to purchase them. Specialty stores like Cocktail Kingdom offer high-quality sets, while online marketplaces like Amazon offer various options at different price points. It’s essential to read reviews and consult experienced mixologists to ensure you get the best value for your money.

What essential tools should be included in a basic mixology set?


A basic mixology set should include essential tools such as a shaker, strainer, muddler, jigger, and possibly additional accessories like a bar spoon, garnishing tongs, ice pick, or speed pour.

Are there any tips for efficiently using a mixology set?


Efficiently using a mixology set involves mastering essential techniques such as shaking vs. stirring for optimal flavor and texture, straining using the appropriate strainer for the cocktail, muddling fresh ingredients for vibrant flavors, precise measuring with a jigger for consistency, and layering liquids for visually stunning cocktails. Additionally, investing in quality accessories can enhance your cocktail-making experience and technique.

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