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Shawn Mendes x YouTube Artist Spotlight

by Alchemiq Team
Shawn Mendez at YouTube event with flower wall behind him
A year full of incredible events

The Alchemiq team already had an incredible 2018. With events for Tiffany, Theory and CB2, the year was going fantastic. To everyone’s delight, there were more first-rate parties on the horizon. 

One such party happened in late September. After a successful video premiere event for J. Balvin and YouTube, the Alchemiq team was asked to help with another one. This time around Shawn Mendes was the star. 

The event was a premiere of a short film about Shawn Mendes from the YouTube series Artist Spotlight Stories. The interior of the venue was designed like a park. Alchemiq team produced Central Park-inspired food and beverage displays and stations, including New York staples like a pretzel stand, a coffee window, a cotton candy cart and freshly popped popcorn. Additionally, premium New York City-inspired hors d’oeuvres were passed all around. We wished every day at the park was like that day!

Arriving to the venue

Shawn Mendes was followed by his fans from the airport to the venue. Other fans were standing outside the venue since early afternoon hours, hoping to get at least a glimpse of him. He arrived at the venue shortly before the event started. The catering team was finishing up a candy display while he casually came by and waited close by for the event to begin.

The audience filled the room and enjoyed everything the venue had to offer while getting ready for the screening. Finally, everyone got to their park-style benches to watch the film. As soon as the movie ended, Shawn Mendes entered the stage for a live Q&A with the audience, and his huge fanbase couldn’t be happier.

It was inside, but I magically felt like I was out in a park the entire time

As the event was coming to the end, there was a feel of magic among the guests. “It was inside, but I magically felt like I was out in a park the entire time,” said one of them. “It was simply magical,” added another. 

Alchemiq received multiple compliments for their flawless performance and the entire catering production. The team, happy with their accomplishments, began to break down and load out.

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