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Squid-Game-Inspired Halloween Party Ideas and More

by Alchemiq Team
Dalgona candy with shapes of heart and star
Sweet candy from the squid game. Sweet honeycomb dalgons

The weather in New York has begun getting colder. Seasonal decorations are popping up all over again. “I can’t believe we are in the fall already” is heard around frequently. It is time to start thinking about Halloween party ideas. No matter if you are an event planner or a host of a party, if you are in search of trendy Halloween party themes, you are in the right place. Here you can find some of the most exciting Halloween food and cocktail ideas!

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is all about themes and extravaganza. More surprises the better! One of the most popular Halloween themes this year will definitely be inspired by the Squid Game. Besides getting your costumes ready, think about your food and cocktails and make them playful! Here is some Squid-Game-inspired ideas:

  • Red Light Green Light – Decorate your bar just like the scene from the show. Make one cocktail red and the other one green… Red Light Cocktail – this could be a strawberry margarita; Green Light Cocktail – this could be a kiwi & basil cooler.
  • Cut A Shape – Serve cookies in shapes from the movie scene – circle, triangle, star and umbrella. You can also hire quality caterers and ask them to cater hors d’oeuvres in those shapes. 
  • Marbles – Imagine an assortment of high-end chocolate truffles passed around by servers dressed up as the Squid Game guards. That would be an amazing dessert!

Many people like to stick to a more classic style of their Halloween party. Among carved pumpkins, skeletons and spooky sounds there should be food and cocktails that fit the theme perfectly.

  • Add eyes to almost any food item. You can warm up some pigs in a blanket and add two dots of mayo and a black sesame seed. Or make those sweet on a cookie using white frosting and a thick squeezable chocolate sauce.
  • Make a Halloween-inspired cheese plate. Cut cheese slices using cookie cutters in spooky shapes. Arrange it artistically with cubed cheese for the one-of-a-kind cheese plate.
  • Serve dry ice cocktails or a punch. Halloween is a perfect occasion to use dry ice to chill your cocktails, but remember: do not serve dry ice in your cocktails as that can lead to someone swallowing the dry ice. You can also think about hiring a catering company. A professional team can handle all of that!

We really hope you like the ideas! Those should do the trick 😉 In case you have any questions, you can reach us anytime at info@alchemiq.com. We look forward to the best Halloween yet.

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