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Arranged canapés and miniature appetizers.

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Catering is a highly reputable and profitable industry. It is on the rise every day as there is more need for its services. More people are venturing into this business too. Still, a lot of people know little or less about catering. Not even the catering services definition.

Without further ado, let’s look into what a catering service is.

What Does A Catering Company Do?

Let’s start by answering what catering is. In simple terms, catering is the business of preparing and serving food for clients. Thus, catering service encompasses everything that facilitates the goal of preparing and serving food in a timely and efficient manner.

Arranged canapés and miniature appetizers.

Simply put, a catering company, as a business organization, is responsible for the provision of food and drinks at events. They are in charge of executing their food service in a way that is pleasing to the guests. They also create food packaging and present various menus on behalf of their clients.

It is worth knowing that there are various types of catering services based on the type of event. They include:

  • Social Event Catering
  • Restaurant Catering
  • Concession Catering
  • Corporate Catering
  • Wedding Catering
  • Bar/Cocktail Catering
  • Buffet Catering

Why Is Catering Important?

First, we need to acknowledge that food is an important feature of any event. Going wrong with the food service at an event might put off guests present at the event. This can only ruin the event and leave the host with a negative impression. To avoid all problems arising from food at your event, it would be wise to employ a company for Catering. New York has a good number of catering companies.

What is Included in Catering Services?

Contrary to public opinion, catering services go beyond food preparation and serving. There is more work to it than that. Here are some of what is included in catering services.

A well-arranged mixture of foods in bowls.

Provision of Adequate Workforce at Events.

Have you ever wondered how food is served swiftly in large events like weddings and conferences? This is due to the efficiency of the workers provided by the catering company. The chefs, servers, and waiters work together as a team in their numbers to ensure a swift and professional response to the needs of the guests.

Organizing Food Supply to Events

It is a primary part of catering services to ensure that food is well supplied at events. But getting it done in a well-organized and professional way is important, and is part of the catering services.

Learning Food Trends and Specials

Being up-to-date about trending foods is part of the services of catering. It also includes paying attention to special food that is needed by the guests. The guest’s allergies should be considered.

Provision for Beverages

It is part of the catering services to find out which beverages are best for the event and what foods are served. Thus, providing such drinks becomes a responsibility.


No catering service is complete without cleaning. Without proper cleaning, an event will be rough during and after. Guests accidentally spill food and drinks now and then. If this mess is left unattended, it messes up the venue. Post-party cleaning is also a responsibility, however often for an extra fee.

What Services Do Caterers Provide?

Food caterers have a few specific duties. They create menus, prepare quality foods, package the foods and present them to the guests. Quality caterers also take care of services like waiting, food souvenir packaging, and presentation of food specials. Cleaning is an important service provided by caterers too.

Clean buffet of foods and desserts.

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