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IWC Da Vinci Watch Collection NY Launch Event

by Alchemiq Team
Three female models with IWC watches
Season of fancy parties begins

It was spring 2017. As the weather got warmer, both caterers and customers around New York were eager to take advantage of the finer things the city had to offer. After all, that’s the time of the year when new collections launch, announcements drop and Page Six begins chatting about the most fabulous summer parties in the city.

Each year, the Alchemiq team designs and runs many of those fabulous events. In early May, we had the opportunity to cater the launch of a new collection of IWC Da Vinci series watches. The collaborative event, held by IWC and Pernod Ricard (the company behind some of the world’s top spirit brands like Absolut Elyx, The Glenlivet and Perrier Jouet), was a special treat to all those who attended. 

The event was accompanied by some of the finest passed hors d’oeuvres. The favorites were Watermelon Radish Clips with Smoked Sable & the vegan Horseradish Cream and Olive-Crusted Crispy Rolls with Makrut Lime Avocado Mousse, along with an exclusive special dish. Alchemiq chefs also prepared an absolutely delicious Fluke Crudo with Whipped Mascarpone & Balsamic Truffle Pearls. 

Timeless inspiration

Cocktails were inspired by the new line of luxury IWC watches, the Da Vinci Diamonds; Da Vinci Automatic and the Da Vinci Automatic 36 Moonphase.

The Da Vinci Diamonds inspired cocktail was made with Monkey 47 gin and Perrier Jouet Champagne. It was served in a tall glass over crushed ice, representing the watch’s 54 diamonds and a bold steel case. The remaining cocktail ingredients, a raspberry juice and a citric acid solution, represented the watch’s stunning raspberry alligator leather strap.

The Da Vinci Automatic inspired cocktail featured Glenlivet Family Reserve mixed up with fresh peaches and a chamomile tea. And the watch’s strikingly blue second hand was embodied by the blue ice sphere that the cocktail was served over. Each cocktail was garnished with a touch of edible gold, indicative of the stunning gold plated hour and minute hands in each watch.

The Da Vinci Automatic 36 Moonphase, a watch with a moon phase complication and a dark blue leather strap, had its corresponding cocktail made with Absolut Elyx, fresh blueberries and a butterfly pea flower tea. Each cocktail was topped with a citrusy foam and featured a stencil-sprayed symbol – the Flower Of Life, also found on the back of the watch.

Needless to say, with an impressive line of watches, delectable food and gorgeous cocktails, the event was a huge success. Alchemiq went on to cater multiple future events for IWC and Pernod Ricard in both New York and Los Angeles. 

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