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What Cocktails Are Best for a Wedding? A Guide to the Best Drinks for Your Special Day

by Alchemiq Team
best cocktails to order at a wedding

Planning a wedding is an exhilarating mission – from choosing the perfect dishes and band to selecting the right photographer, every detail adds to the magic of your special day. However, one crucial aspect that should never be overlooked is the wedding cocktail menu

The Art of Simplicity: Why a Curated Cocktail Menu Wins at Weddings

While it’s tempting to offer a wide array of options, it’s wise to remember that a more concise menu often enhances guest satisfaction. Too many choices can overwhelm your guests, making it difficult for them to decide what to drink. Moreover, a smaller, well-curated selection tends to keep everyone happier and more satisfied. 

To be 100% positive that all your guests find something they love, consider offering two variations for each type of drink – be it sweet, sour, refreshing, or fizzy. This way you will not only simplify the decision-making process but also live up to the different tastes of your amazing guests. 

Keep this simple piece of advice in mind when selecting the best cocktails for your wedding.

A Quick List of the Best Cocktails to Serve at a Wedding

Here are four cocktail categories with two variations each that can be included to create the best cocktails for weddings. Each suggestion will help create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone: 

Sweet Cocktails 

  • Classic Old Fashioned – A timeless whiskey cocktail sweetened with a touch of sugar and garnished with an orange twist. 
  • Strawberry Daiquiri – A fruity favorite that combines rum with fresh strawberries and sugar for a sweet, refreshing treat. 

Sour Cocktails 

  • Whiskey Sour – This classic cocktail mixes whiskey with lemon juice and a hint of sugar for a perfectly balanced sour kick. 
  • Amaretto Sour – A smoother, nuttier alternative using amaretto as the base, complemented by lemon juice and a cherry garnish. 

Refreshing Cocktails

  • Mojito – A refreshing mix of white rum, mint, lime juice, sugar, and soda water, perfect for cooling down during summer weddings. 
  • Cucumber Gimlet – A crisp, refreshing option with gin, fresh cucumber, and lime juice, ideal for a light, palate-cleansing cocktail. 

Fizzy Cocktails 

  • Champagne Cocktail – Elegant and simple, with champagne, a sugar cube, and bitters, often garnished with a lemon twist.
  • Aperol Spritz – A vibrant and popular choice, combining Aperol, prosecco, and a splash of soda for a bubbly, citrusy delight.

TIP: If you would like to complement your wedding cocktail menu with some latest wedding cocktail trends, here are two more categories that your guests may find irresistible:

Robust Cocktails

  • Manhattan – A classic cocktail that exudes sophistication, combining whiskey, sweet vermouth, and a dash of bitters, garnished with a cherry. This robust drink is perfect for guests who appreciate a stronger, more aromatic cocktail. 
  • Negroni – An assertive blend of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, served on the rocks and garnished with an orange peel. Its bold flavors are ideal for those who enjoy a cocktail with depth and complexity. 

Tropical Cocktails

  • Pina Colada – A creamy and tropical mix of rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice, blended or shaken to create a smooth, refreshing cocktail that’s like a mini-vacation in a glass. 
  • Mai Tai – A colorful concoction of rum, lime juice, orgeat syrup, and orange liqueur, garnished with mint and a pineapple spear. This festive cocktail brings a taste of the tropics to your wedding, making it a hit at beach or summer-themed weddings.

These new categories – Robust and Tropical Cocktails – make sure there’s a drink for everyone on your wedding cocktail menu, from guests who like their drinks strong to those who enjoy sweet, exotic flavors.

Final Tip: Simplify Your Planning with Professional Mixology Help 

This is our last piece of advice: planning a wedding is tough, so why not lighten your load by getting some professional help with your cocktail menu? Top catering companies excel in mixology, understanding the best cocktails for weddings, including what’s trending and what fits best with local tastes. 

Letting a professional mixologist take care of your drink menu means one less thing for you to worry about. They’ll ensure that the cocktails you serve are not only delicious but also perfectly tailored to enhance your wedding’s atmosphere. With their expertise, you can offer the best cocktails to serve at a wedding, guaranteeing your celebration is as unforgettable as it is enjoyable.

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