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Bold Catering: Make Guests ‘Fall’ for Your Event With These Memorable Foodie Experiences

by Alchemiq Team
Bold Catering

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In any event, food happens to be the most considered item by guests. Everybody always looks forward to that moment when the food will finally be served.  A recent survey by Events-Brite corroborated this when it said that “food is the second most important factor that people consider when attending an event.” That being said, there are some ideas of bold catering you should consider in order to make your guests’ foodie experiences unforgettable at best. Let’s dig!

Memorable Bold Catering Ideas for your guests

Bold catering is more than just the “food” served. It’s about the experience or service that comes along with it. Here are a few memorable foodie experiences most quality NYC caterers create to make a lasting impression on guests.

Limo and Dining Experience at The View

Bold Catering: Dining Experience at The View

A Limo and dining experience at The View is one of the most different and bold catering ideas you can consider. The View is one of New York City’s most iconic restaurants, known for its breathtaking views of the city skyline. 

This is a great idea for New York party guests. Your guests will enjoy a unique dining experience while taking in the sights of the city. What’s more luxurious than being chauffeured around in a limo?

Spirit of Lasting York Buffet Cruise

Bold Catering: Spirit of Lasting York Buffet Cruise
A buffet cruise is the simplest, most amazing way to show off a food scene in NYC.  Guests will love sampling all various dishes and getting a taste of the city’s vibrant food culture.

Nonetheless, If you need quality catering service for a cruise buffet food experience,  searching ‘catering near me can make that happen easily for you. Our catering New York company can receive your desires, and make it happen. 

Empire State Building Grill & Bar Dinner High

Empire State Building

If you want to wow your guests, a visit to – the Empire State Building Grill & Bar, is one such catering idea to explore. It offers breathtaking views of the city skyline, together with an exquisite dining experience.

You can start the event with cocktails, followed by a luxurious three-course meal in the Grill Room. It’s a catering idea that guarantees your guests a swell time at your event.

High Line Park and Greenwich Village Food Tour

High Line Park

At the heart of New York City sits High Line Park. A visit to High Line Park isn’t complete without stops at some of the best foodie spots in Greenwich Village. 

The best place to start your food tours in NYC is at the place where you can snag a freshly made doughnut, for the road. For lunch, stop by Greenwich Village institution for a slice of pizza (or two).

On our account, no food tours NYC organizes would be complete without sweets and delicious pastries on the move. So, you can explore the options at the catering NYC stores for your mouth-watering pastries and sweets. It’s a great way to end the evening.

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