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Catering for Thanksgiving

by Alchemiq Team
Thanksgiving Turkey

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For caterers, the largest eating event is another season to boost their business. After typical wedding months, the month of November kicks off the holiday spirit. The annual celebration involves the gathering of friends and families. Not without the highlight of the whole celebration-Turkey! A typical thanksgiving dinner comes with monster-sized turkey, and a couple of side dishes like cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans, among others. However, catering for Thanksgiving dinner for many people can be a lot of work. And that can be very overwhelming. But with the right meal plan, you can quickly organize a memorable thanksgiving dinner.

Benefits of Thanksgiving Catering service

If you’re voting for thanksgiving catered meals, you can spend the whole day chattering and doing other fun activities. Anticipating the delicious taste of dinner. That way, you’re not under pressure to prepare all the dishes, appetizers, and desserts.

When your thanksgiving meal is catered for, it eliminates unforeseen circumstances.

Ways to organize Thanksgiving dinners/meals

For caterers, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to kick off the catering holiday season. For a family that prioritizes spending time with their family, over being stuck with sauce spills in the kitchen.

You can look into catering companies NYC, or research any thanksgiving catering near me, on your browser. You will find the best traditions catering service that caters to the best Thanksgiving experience. By that token, let’s examine ways to organize a thanksgiving dinner 

Plan the Menu

If you decide to use the service of a New York catering company, you can provide a meal list, so a well-tailored dinner can be catered.

But categories like side dishes, appetizers, desserts, main meals, and wine, are important whatever meal you decide on. This category list guides your choice of food.

Prepare a budget

This is the foundational step to catering for any event. Whether you’re hosting or ordering, you need to set a budget. 

Place an Order for Turkey

During Thanksgiving, farmers sell out their turkeys. That being said,  you should place your order 3 weeks before Thanksgiving.

Create a shopping list

While some family members might leave immediately after dinner. Others might be crashing for the whole weekend. Create a shopping list of the items needed for catering Thanksgiving dinner.

Make a guest list

It’s an important item to check off for Thanksgiving dinner. How many family members and friends are coming over? Having a readymade guest list, would also inform the size of the meals. 

Catering for Thanksgiving Dinner

Have a Pot-Luck 

Having a potluck is a sort of traditional catering that suggests indulging your guests by bringing side dishes. While you worry about the centerpiece of the day-Turkey.

Preserve your dishes ahead 

To simplify the cooking and stay organized, you should invest in freezer-friendly dishes. So, you can start preparing freezable dishes like potato soup, casserole, or mushroom soup, weeks before Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving can be busy for you. Settling for Thanksgiving catered meals can save you the headache. But if you have to make It a personal family activity, you can delegate some tasks to other members.

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