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Sustainability in the catering industry

by Alchemiq Team
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You’ve probably heard of sustainable practices like Solar panel installation, electric cars on the highways, swearing allegiance to Zero single-use plastics, and huge Windmills. However, most of these practices are not directly accessible to people. Nonetheless, other overlooked and easily accessible practices like minimal food waste contribute a lot to the environment. The question is: what is the catering industry? Can the catering industry further contribute, as an integral part of society? Read on to know how.

Food Waste in The Catering Industry

Any top caterer of today’s world can run a bunch of food supply stories by you especially when it comes to the inadequacy of supplies.  But with proper investigation, it has been realized that lack of supply is attributed to the wastage of resources.

According to the statistics provided by the NYC food policy center, 21% of landfills are filled with food waste. 18% of all waste in the city is waste from food supplies. Additionally, 68% of every food still suitable for consumption goes to waste.

Food Waste in The Catering Industry

Why is Sustainability Important, not only in Catering?

Here are a few reasons why sustainable practice is the perfect response to caring for the environment.

It reduces the environmental impact

Sustainability goes a long way in protecting the environment, from biological and social hazards.

Protecting the health of the public 

Sustainable practices enhance nutrition, with lesser risks of chemical infiltration.

Animal care

Sustainable farmers help livestock remain healthy in its quality taste. 

Inspiration for staff

As an employer with sustainable practices, you provide a more hygienic and conducive working environment for employees. This inspires workers to relate better and it also enhances their well-being. It also adds impetus to the growth and profit of your business as a quality caterer.

Sustainable practices your catering business can adopt 

If you are wondering which practices are better for your catering company to adopt, here are a few.


With composting, food doesn’t have to go to waste. You can purchase a composting bin, and put the trash in it. Composting traps the release of methane and converts food waste to fuel that can be used to supply energy.

Food Composting means sustainable catering

Reduce Food Portions

People barely finish up huge portions of meals. So, serving large portions of food increases the chances of the food going to landfills. And when it reaches landfills it emits methane-a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide. On that note, serving smaller portions will lessen the likelihood of wasting. 

Donate excess stock 

Food remnants or excesses can be donated to charity homes for redistribution.

Making sustainable food choices

Adding leftovers to the next day’s meal reduces waste and ultimately saves your business some extra bucks.

Sustainable Catering Services: Conclusions

Now that you’ve been brought up to speed on how greatly food practices impact the environment, you should take steps to implement sustainable practices. The best way is to take it one step at a time. With a regular and consistent review of practices and the overall impact on the catering environment.

Implementing Sustainable practices is the latest and of course, the best innovation in the catering industry.

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