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Catering Trends: What is Mediterranean Food?

by Alchemiq Team
what is mediterranean food

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The common belief among people is that Mediterranean food comes from a specific culture. Its origins, on the other hand, are a synthesis of various cultures. The food is popular among regions along the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a combination of varying cultures and a blend of distinct flavors and cuisines. It comprises fresh ingredients that apparently benefit the body. Typical Mediterranean food catering covers a lot of ground. The catering menu consists of popular cultural dishes prepared in the different geographical areas that make up the Mediterranean basin. These areas include Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Italy, and Syria, among others. Ingredients like olive oil, bread, wine, and spices are the major cornerstones of Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes focus mainly on natural and minimally processed food items. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise to efficient NYC caterers.  What is Mediterranean food? Read the following post!

Appetizing Mediterranean Dishes you should know

Given the diverse nature of the Mediterranean dish, a word that aptly describes it is “variety.” Depending on the occasion, you can either opt for catered food or decide to make it a DIY activity. Meanwhile, let’s examine some of these dishes according to their culture. Meet popular Mediterranean food!

Greek food

Greek food is a mixture of eastern flavors and sea ingredients like spices, legumes, meat, seafood, lemon, and a lot of olive oil.  The standard dish that makes up Greek food is called moussaka or pita bread. It comprises layers of ground beef with eggplant, bechamel sauce, and potatoes, and is wrapped in bed loaves. You can source a catering company that serves Greek food by simply typing “food catering near me” in your search engine.

what is mediterranean food like

Turkish food

Turkish food combines cuisines from different cultures, like those of Central Asia and the Middle East. It is well known for contributing to the world’s most loved fast food: kebab. Kebab also happens to be a simple and popular Mediterranean food New York residents can lay their hands on real fast.

popular mediterranean foods

Syrian food

If you’re looking for a vegetable and lentil-filled dish, then the ancient delicacy is your guy. This one combines beans, garlic, fava beans, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, pistachios, and lamb and sheep meat. The delicious Sharwama is a traditional Syrian dish. popular mediterranean food

What makes up a typical Mediterranean dinner?

A simple typical Mediterranean dinner is one where the classic Greek salad is served. The Horiatiki Greek salad The interesting thing about this dish is that it doesn’t require cooking. It is simple and easy to make. If anything, Mediterranean food catering is simple and easy. Simply combine the necessary plant-based ingredients, and voila! Your delicacy is ready. Nonetheless, if the occasion is for a grand Mediterranean dinner, salmon with garlic and lemon is a must-have on your catering menu. Now that you know what a typical Mediterranean dish looks like, A rule of thumb for preparing Mediterranean food is to always replace the butter with quality olive oil. Nevertheless, if you are in need of Mediterranean-themed catered food, there is always a good catering company NYC inhabitants look up to. A few clicks could be all you need.

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