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How To Avoid Bad Catering

by Alchemiq Team
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First, it is crucial to ask, “What is Catering services?” In simple terms, Catering Service is an activity that involves the planning and provision of food and drinks for a designated event. The provision of food and drinks varies depending on the type of event to be catered for, and the preferences of the client. For instance, the menu list for a wedding reception would most definitely differ from corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, and so on. Unfortunately, bad catering is a plague that stifles growth and dumps your catering business reputation in the mud. Here are some tips to improve your business reputation.

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Be Coordinated And Organised 

When catering any kind of event, what sells you out as a professional is your ability to handle the major highlights of the event (foods and drinks) smoothly and efficiently. A single slip-up is immediately obvious to everyone in the room.

Being coordinated and organized means making adequate preparation for the sizes and numbers of the food and all items required for the event. You should do this a day before the event. You don’t want to be caught with too little food, drink, not enough cutlery, and a bunch of other things that could make you look incapable.

Avoid Poorly Prepared Meals

The quickest way your catering business can go down the drain is when you’re known for low-quality foods. The heart, joy, and thrill of people attending any event are largely complemented by good catering. You must provide high-quality and properly prepared meals. You can check out catering companies NYC to handle your food catering.

Woman trying bad catering food

Provide Top-notch Customer Service

You should always prioritize your customers. The very essence of your business hinges on how you can meet up with your customer’s expectations. To properly deliver to your customers, your customer service should be great. Here are some ideas to improve your customer service.

  • Meet with clients for planning when booked for an event
  • Ensure that you have an active customer care hotline and email
  • Give discounts and bonuses
  • Keep in touch with your clients
  • Get a website that carries the necessary information about your company and FAQs

You should do more research on how to enhance your customer service and improve on it.

Be Effective in Communication 

From the concept of the event to every detail, a quality caterers team should work closely with customers or clients to craft a good menu for the specified event. Ineffective communication between a caterer and the client might lead to delivering services distinct from the ideas of the client’s events. Mistakes arising from ineffective communication with clients would only give your company a bad review and reputation.

Manage Disagreements In The Team Properly 

Nobody wants a conflict at their event. Especially one instigated by a catering team. It is quite uncommon for disagreements to occur within catering teams, however, it is important to know how to manage them in case those happen. There should be on-site rules that bind and guide your team to act on the success of events. All differences should be settled amicably after the job is done, not during an event.

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