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How to Organize a Cocktail Party

by Alchemiq Team
how to throw a cocktail party

At Alchemiq we experienced first hand that any occasion is just perfect for a celebration. Some occasions, like birthday parties, are casual. Others, like weddings, are significant. There are also product launches, corporate gatherings, award galas and many, many more occasions. We never pass on a chance to have a great party! Throughout the years we organized many lavish cocktail parties, including immersive corporate events, conceptual product launches and modern wedding cocktail hours. We know best how to throw a cocktail party. We decided to spill some beans and share our secrets.

Mixologist pouring alcoholic punch with dry ice

5 steps on how to throw a cocktail party

Check out our top tips on how to throw a cocktail party!

  • Step 1 – Think about what you want your guests to experience. There are endless ways to organize cocktail parties. If you want your party to be different from other parties you first must start with some ideas. If you plan on hiring cocktail caterers you should have some ideas ready before reaching out. By providing initial ideas you set a direction which is crucial to a successful outcome.

Note: your ideas should revolve around the flavors, colors and presentations of the cocktails. You can also think about techniques that you might like to see eg. cocktail smoking, dry ice chilling or molecular mixology techniques. 

Tip: you can research ideas on Pinterest or Instagram – try searching for a few different search terms or hashtags.

  • Step 2 – Make sure your selection is streamlined. Event bars are better when the offering is thought-out and narrowed down. Having too many options only confuses guests and slows down service. We recommend having not more than three specialty cocktails, two or four wine types, two beer types with one of them being light, and possibly a seltzer water and tonic for vodka-sodas and gin & tonics. Such selection fully meets the needs of 99% of guests of most event scenarios. 

Note: once you streamline the selection you can add a few high-end spirits or micro brewery beers to elevate the experience while keeping it, you know, streamlined. 

  • Step 3 – Come up with an Instagram-worthy event bar design. No matter if you decide to hire a top mixologist or serve the cocktails by yourself, you need to think about the bar design. It might not be the easiest task, however it is worth making sure that it is checked off your list. When your guests see a stunning bar with mixologists that make extraordinary cocktails the excitement doubles. Even if they need to wait in line for a cocktail they don’t mind it because there is an opportunity to take it all in. It is also a conversation starter. It is a win-win on many levels!
  • Step 4 – Search and see what others are doing. You can look for caterers near me and visit their websites and social media accounts to see what others are up to. That may help you to come up with ideas that stand out.
  • Step 5 – Don’t forget about water and encourage hydration. Your guests will thank you (especially the next day) if they leave your event hydrated. Water is the most overlooked aspect of events. In the midst of event planning hosts often forget about providing water. If it is not properly provided and displayed your guests may forget about it, too. 

White bar with ice: how to throw a cocktail party

Need help planning it all? Count on us!

Alchemiq cocktail caterers can design and organize the most unique cocktail party. Besides superb cocktails we offer bite-size hors d’oeuvres, imaginative food stations, design and event production services. Each of our events gets a true individual treatment. Let us make it exceptional.

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