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Warm weather catering logistics

by Alchemiq Team
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Generally, the weather is associated with irregular patterns that render it unpredictable. One minute you can have a fun picnic at the park, the next the clouds turn dark and it starts to rain. Considering this fact, providing healthy and appealing foods might be compromised. Warmer seasons spoil food quickly. As a result, you must always prepare your catering business to easily adapt to different weather conditions, in this case, summer. Nonetheless, taking certain steps can help you beat the tendency of ruins that warm seasons may bring to the table. Also, ensure that your food stays fresh and appealing under these conditions.

Tips to Manage Outdoor Catering

It is no news that warm seasons catering comes with a lot of outdoor activities. And as such, requires extra preservation methods to maintain the quality of food. Here are a few tips expert NYC caterers have adopted to water down the difficulties of summer catering.

Have a backup plan 

Knowing how unpredictable the weather can be, you should prepare for unprecedented circumstances that might alter the event. Preparation in this case suggests storing ingredients adequately, which makes it flexible for you to change the menu in a split second. Additionally, having a backup plan as catering companies NYC allows you to be in total control, in case heavy storms or winds knock the power out.

Hire a full service catering staff

If anything, summer catering requires all hands on deck. You can look out for catering staff for hire. Given the intense temperatures in the summer season, you might want to ensure your employees dress appropriately for the weather, so they don get uncomfortable. Also, Food tables should be placed under shades so food doesn’t go bad fast.

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Consider the venue carefully 

Ensure that the venues sit right with the purpose of the catering service. In this case, you want t to ensure it is prepared for outdoor activities. Also consider the availability of appropriate power sources, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and adequate space. Ensure food safety.

Outdoor Catering Equipment

Pick the Right Menu

Although there are no limits to the type of dishes that can be served in summer, some dishes are best suited for summer than others. For instance, foods like sushi and charcuterie that requires a much lower temperature to be served, may not be the best addition to your summer menu. On that note, you should surf different dishes and pick the ones that complement the weather in terms of temperature.

Seasonal changes undoubtedly impact outdoor catering, in certain negative ways. However, the quality of dishes served should not be compromised. Following these tips, with your help, your catering business manages the impacts effectively without compromising quality.

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